How to post relationship status on facebook wall

2020-02-27 14:22

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter I previously changed my wall settings so that when I change my relationship status, it doesnt show up on my wall. However, ever since timeline came out, I cant figure out a way to change the setting back to normal.The Facebook Breakup. You can avoid this by changing your Facebook relationship status so it wont publish to your feed. The way around this is pretty simple, and involves settings. First, go to where you would change your relationship status to single or in a relationship. Next to that is a privacy setting, how to post relationship status on facebook wall

why is my relationship status not showing up on the WALL of my timeline? Timeline (Profile) It shows im in a relationship on my facebook, and with who, yet does not show up on the wall.

How you control who can see your Relationship Status has now been moved. You need to click on your profile to view your timeline. Click About. Under the section Basic Info click Edit. In the section named Relationship Status to the far right of the box is a small drop You may also post on your wall by using the Facebook application on your mobile phone. Although you cannot add videos or links (as of March 2011), you can instantly take and add a photo, or select one from your photo library to include in your status to post relationship status on facebook wall Jan 26, 2013 Changing relationship status on facebook and showing on wall? Facebook: How do you put the small description so it shows underneath your profile picture? More questions

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How to post relationship status on facebook wall free

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