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2020-02-21 01:54

How to change the thumbnail when sharing your blog on Facebook. written by Marie Last updated on March 7, 2018. how to change the image that Facebook shares when sharing an article, how to change facebook link thumbnail? Or, how to modify the image that Facebook uses when we share the link to the home page of our blog?Usually, when I share a link, an image from the respective websiteblog would appear next to the link, but I tried to share a link today for a couple of times and it didn't have any image next to it. thumbnail image facebook share

Why dont I get a large Facebook link thumbnail? There must be a large enough image on the web page you wish to share on Facebook. The Facebook Help Team says: Images that are at least pixels will display as a rectangle with the title and description below.

Dec 10, 2018  How to debug Facebook thumbnails when they dont work. you will see the table populated with information about your page including the desired thumbnail image. Try sharing your post on Facebook again and you should see the image displaying. Next time you have a problem with Facebook thumbnail images, dont forget to clear your site Choose the Facebook share image from the Yoast SEO social settings on the post, or just assign a Featured Image. If you want different images for your post cover image and Facebook link thumbnail, you can set it in the Yoast SEO social settings (screenshot above).thumbnail image facebook share It displays the correct thumbnail image, and the title and summary text are correct as well. However, when I actually go and look at the share on facebook, the thumbnail is not correct. For some reason facebook always shows the thumbnail for the first share I ever made for every single share I make.

In this article, we will share how to fix the Facebook thumbnail issue in WordPress. Why Facebook Shows the Wrong Thumbnail Image Many of our readers asked about why Facebook commonly picks the wrong image for their post when they try to share it. thumbnail image facebook share

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