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2020-02-19 09:55

Facebook should find the video after a couple of seconds Here are the basic steps Find the video in YouTube, Click share at the bottom of the video, Copy the link that you see there, Go to Facebook to your profile or a page, Add the link to the update.Answer Wiki. It is very simple. Highlight the youtube link. Then right click with your mouse. Choose copy. Then go to Facebook comments, then right click with your mouse. Then choose paste. Done. Learn how to make 100 day online, check out my at my BIO Click here. add video link to facebook comment

Jul 04, 2016 Would you like to see how to leave a Facebook Video Comment Live? These are videos you leave directly under a Facebook Post

Pretty much everyone on FB can now post videos they record directly as comments, rather than uploading them to FB or Youtube, and then linking them there. I wonder how this will affect the use of language, certain terminology, gestures, or video content in general, and Facebook's terms and conditions. Hmmmm. Nov 08, 2018 On Mobile. Go to the content you want to link to. Open a mobile browser and navigate to the photo, video, page, or other content that you want to share. Most apps that support linkcopying also have Facebook share options. Select the page's URL. Tap the browser's URL bar at the top of the screen to select the URL.add video link to facebook comment Jun 28, 2014 How to post a Facebook Video in the Comment thread And make it visible Learn more Social Media Tips here Dan McCall

Well process your video and let you know when its ready to see. Go to the video and select Edit to add a title, tag friends and more. add video link to facebook comment Jun 10, 2016  Facebook allows users to upload videos in comments. By selecting the camera icon underneath a string of replies previously used only to add a photo you're now able to upload your own video clip on Facebook's iOS and Android app, as well as on its regular site. The feature was prototyped in a single day as part of the company's 50th Hackathon Coming back to the point, you can add a video just by copying the link of the video you want to post on anyones post or system update. When you add a link in a comment you get an expanded view which includes a thumbnail preview linked with the website or the video can be seen indirectly in the comment It's simple to put a photo in a Facebook comment. You can add text or just make a visual comment by uploading a photo. Menu. Lifewire Guide to Putting a Photo in a Facebook Comment. Search. A Simple Way to Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook from Your iPad. Do You Know How to Use Emoticons and Stickers in Facebook Comments? You don't need to know any HTML to embed a link in a Facebook comment. You can use the comment box to share your find in an instant without any programming knowledge at all. Sign into your Facebook account. Navigate to the place where you would like to leave a comment, then cut and paste the URL into the comment box. The URL will show as text.

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