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2020-03-31 03:14

Installing Group and Sitewide Forums BuddyPress Group Forums Parent: Select Group Forums category forum created in previous step. Click on Save button. Create a Group and set up Groups Forum Go to your sites Groups Directory Page and click on create Group button.Support Topic Tag: blank home page. Topic Tag: blank home page 1 2 buddypress forum page blank

When I add a new lesson, it has stopped updating the activity stream on both the group activity stream and the main activity stream. When I add a new topic and update the course, it just continues to load and states the following: BuddyPress for Learndash enrolling users to the course buddypress groups.

Codex Home Getting Started Troubleshooting Blank Pages Blank Pages. In some server environments, installation of BuddyPress can lead to blank pages. A Dec 15, 2016 Problem: BuddyPress pages (like Members, Account, etc) started showing up blank in Divi. They work fine in previous versions of the theme. They work fine in all of our other themes. I looked into this but the cause of the issue isbuddypress forum page blank Oct 24, 2012  I've got very similar issue. The forums page was blank. The problem was caused by some another plugin (maybe BuddyPress) which created empty forums page. Thus bbPress have not replaced the page with it's own version. In my case the solution was just to insert [bbpforumindex into the page

Start creating a new form with one click from the admin bar, the plugin page or the BuddyForms menu in the Wordpress editor. Comment Settings Choose if you want users to be able to discuss the submitted form content by enabling or disabling the comments section. buddypress forum page blank Adding Forums to your BuddyPress site with bbPress. Version Installed: V. The main BuddyPress Forum component is bbPress. This is a core piece of software created by the creators of WordPress and it is pretty much fully integrated into WordPress and BuddyPress. When I update buddypress to the new version all activities and sidebar widgets in activity page are lost. Also the backend menu is blank on the same page. I mean backend menu disappears and it is just a white horizontal bar. Does anyone using mesocolumn has the same problem? I asked the question in Buddypress Forum but no answer yet. I suppose Oct 29, 2015  Switched the theme to TwentyEleven, disabled BuddyPress, deleted it and reinstalled BuddyPress version. 1 Turned on debug mode: nothing, no sign of trouble Cleaned the cache, switched the browser. You mentioned in your changelog that you altered BuddyPress so it would be compatible with X. Community Builder is the most flexible multi purpose premium BuddyPress theme. It is fast, optmized for SEO and highly secure. With Community Builder theme for BuddyPress, you have the infinite flexibility at your disposal. You an change all aspects of your site inside WordPress customizer. There is no limit on the kind of social networks you can create with Community Builder.

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