I can't like anything on facebook app

2020-01-22 16:51

Jun 09, 2012 After my computer started crashing and got a virus I can't do anything on Facebook. I tried getting on through my phone and macbook but I still can't do anything on Facebook. This is really weird, how can this be resolved? If you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please seeI can't like anything. Settings. When I used the internet explorer to use facebook I can't like anyones posts. how do I fix this. Asked about 6 years ago by Shirley. 315 Votes 92 Followers. Good Question; Follow this Question Share. Answers. Recent answers; Top answers; This question has been closed. i can't like anything on facebook app

IF ANY BODY UPLOAD ANY POST THEN I CANT LIIKE ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME FACEBOOK TEAM. Help Community. Log In. Back To Help Center. Help Community. I CAN'T LIKE ANY POST PLEASE HELP ME! ! ! ! ! (Some Apps that are of older version don't appear so you can't remove them by normal methods so you have to also use the link provided to remove all

Feb 05, 2014 I can't likecomment posts or photos on Facebook? i can't click on like or comment on friends' posts Why Can't I LikeComment on a Post in Facebook? i can t like on my friend see my facebook Why can't I get my games to load? CAN'T GET GAMES TO FULLY LOAD TO PLAY? Related Help Center FAQs; Why can't I change my name on Facebook? Why can't I see some of my Facebook friends in an app? Why can't I move my Facebook app to my phone's SD card? Why can't I log into a memorialized account on Facebook? Why can't I post in a group? Why can'ti can't like anything on facebook app May 18, 2011  Its been a few days now, that Facebook decided I do not really want to like anything my friends post, or comment or share. Im lying and you got me The truth is, that I cant like anything on my home PC, but while using other computers, I dont seem to have any trouble.

I can't like anything or post anything at all on facebook right now from my account. any ideas? Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist We use cookies to i can't like anything on facebook app Feb 03, 2011 My facebook won't let me comment, like, or post anything. ? It shows I have notifications, and will let me check them, but the notification numbers won't go away and keep piling up. I can't like, comment, message or anything. Why can't I see some of my Facebook friends in an app? I can't see my Page when I'm logged out of Facebook. Why can't I change my name on Facebook? Why can't I find a Crisis page for a specific incident? Ask a Question Why can't i see anything on my page? Settings. News Feed. I can't see anything but the blue bar. I can only get on by I can't like anything On Facebook; Related Help Centre FAQs; I can't log in to Facebook. Does Facebook receive cookie information when I visit a site I can't send messages to friends on Facebook. I cant reset my Facebook password because I can't access th Help, I can't get access to my facebook account! (Checkpoint Error Locked Out) Account Security. Something's Broken. My son can't access his facebook account at all. He has tried logging in on the mobile app and on other computers and he still can't get access. He has tried changing his password, and it let him but he still can't get in.

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I can't like anything on facebook app free

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