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2020-01-18 21:00

Mar 18, 2012 My Services And Free Downloads: http: goo. gldOJjWW This video will show how to change the primary language on Facebook into Pirate or Upside Down mode forFacebook users may change their interface language to English (Pirate). This feature is only available on the web version of Facebookthe language is not compatible with the Facebook app. Once you change your accounts interface language, weigh anchor into facebook, check yer bottle o' messages, and check which o' yer mateys arr aboard! turn facebook into pirate mode

Sep 22, 2008  Turn Facebook into English Pirate mode. Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Brandon Sheley, Sep 22, 2008. 0. Brandon Sheley Illustrious Member. Messages: 9, 719 Yer mateys on ye olde Facebook are yer shipmates and family ye wish to

How do I get my security code for logging into Facebook? Ask a Question How do I get rid of pirate speak. Settings. Asked about 4 years ago by Alan. 15 Votes 18 Followers Seen by 3, 909. Good Question; Follow this Question Share. Featured Answer. Sheri 3, 149 answers. Turn Facebook into English Pirate mode. Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Facebook is playing along. Scroll to the bottom of your page, and change the language to English (Pirateturn facebook into pirate mode Sep 19, 2011 Even Facebook be gettin' in on the fun, with a little hidden treasure in the form of a secret pirate mode! If ye be tired of Cap'n Zuckerberg's plain English, here's how ye scurvy dogs can mutiny.

Since facebook relies on its users for translation, a bunch of Pirate fans have created a language dubbed English(Pirate). It adds an overall fun to the facebook profile by changing the words such as Home to Home Port, Friends to Mates Ymight Know, etc. Below is the screenshot showing the new language in action. turn facebook into pirate mode The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Sep 05, 2009  How do i take pirate mode off facebook? Facebook English (Pirate) changes almost everything on your profile languages like posting photos becomes hoisting portraits, and other expressions and languages like Arrr! Ye, 10 sorry louts think theyre yer mates. and so on. Nov 13, 2009  Turn your iPhone into an AyePhone with FaceBook Pirate English! You can turn your FaceBook English language to Pirate English. Just go to the

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