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2020-03-31 02:37

How to Tag People in Facebook Status This article on how to tag people in Facebook status, might really seem to be a huge cliche. But for those who don't know that asJun 26, 2011 A LOT of people don't know about the options to customize who sees your status, photo, etc. updates on FB but you can! You can also make them visible to only certain people. I still wouldn't do that because the person's friends might see it& & tell them! Haha tag person facebook status

Sep 14, 2009 As you may know, Facebook rolled out its planned new feature that lets you tag other users in your status updates earlier today. It's very similar functionality to @replies on Twitter, and most

Jan 04, 2011 Best Answer: To tag someone in your status follow given steps: 1. PRECEDE YOUR FRIENDS NAME WITH THE @ SIGN To get started, just type the @ sign. This will prompt a Facebook wizard that will say Type the name of someone or something . 8 days ago How to tag someone in a Facebook status on desktop. 1. Start typing your status and hit @ followed by the person's name. Wait until the dropdown menu offers you the names of your friends ortag person facebook status Sep 10, 2009 UPDATE on Monday, September 14: Status tagging is now available to everyone on Facebook. One of the most popular features on Facebook is tagging, which gives you the ability to identify and reference people in photos, videos and notes.

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